A Review Of Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X or FCP X (pronounced F C P TEN) is one of the most creative video tools in the world right now. It has progressed from its first iteration in huge leaps and bounds. Over the last two or more years, Apple (the creators of this software) have been working on the software and upgrading it into the epic one that it is right now. The v10.1 update brought along a ton of changes to the interface and features. In fact, the software is now so great that it might actually make you switch over to it from your usual video editing software. First introduced in 2011 by Apple at a special event by the NAB, it was a software that immediately made the audience stare in awe. The new UI was far more elegant and easy to use than the previous versions of the software.

Appleā€™s computers are known for their high hardware specifications. The base software for FCPX from Apple as well as the plugins and add-ons from certain sites that offer free FCPX generators too are all tailor made in order to take advantage of the high specs of the newer Macs. In fact, Apple is constantly releasing new software updates for FCP X in order to make it take full use of the new hardware in the new models of Macs and Macbooks. Version 10.1 was made better than ever, with new playback options and faster rendering. It made use of the two VGA cards installed in the Mac Pro, and 4K support was added using the HDMI and Thunderbolt 2 connectors. All of the animations, transitions and clips were modified as well in order to support the new standard in HD video: 4K.

New library management
Libraries are where the user stores all of their data, clips and projects. In the past, you would have to download special plugins to manage your libraries from sites that offered managers and free titles for final cut pro but that day is now long gone. The newest updates to FCP X has allowed user libraries to be managed far more easily. For example it was previously impossible to save camera footage in any other place except the project save location. However, now SSDs and external hard drives can be used to store the footage and project so that the entire task can be made mobile. Shareability has been added as well with the entire project having the ability to be stored on a single file for easy transfer to external storage devices. This is definitely one of the better changes made.

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