Month: July 2018

Starting a business is a real uphill task that requires a lot of courage, determination and planning to make it a success and survive in this intensely competitive marketplace. All organizations are attempting to do things differently with the objective of increasing their productivity while keeping their costs to a minimum. One of the great enablers of this in recent times has been technology. A couple of decades ago, after starting a business, for it to develop to a considerable stage it took a very long time because of the many entry barriers that existed in those markets. Today however, thanks to technology the playing field has been evened out for all businesses alike. Discussed below are a few such benefits that can be experienced by an enterprise through the proper incorporation of technology in its operations. 

A more efficient marketing function 

Remember the days when companies used to send people around cities distributing leaflets to potential customers in order to communicate regarding various business-related activities? The situation today is much more different and it has been solely because of technology. Salesforce marketing cloud partner Australia systems has eliminated the need for third parties or middle men who unnecessarily use up organizational funds. These customer relationship management (CRM) systems are increasingly preferred by leading enterprises throughout the world. 

Much like these marketing automation software, social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook and Instagram which are quite easy to use and are inexpensive have given businesses the chance to promote themselves by effectively reaching out to specified customers spread across the world. Since these platforms are accessed by users of various origins and cultures, businesses gain access to a customer base that is diverse and well distributed, which increases their chances of making sales. Check out more information here

Better communication 

Organizational communication both within and with external parties has been simplifies by the advancements in the telecommunication field. Teleconference calls, video calls and facetime tech has significantly reduced transportation costs for companies that deals with foreign clientele. An equally influential technology is the cloud based systems that enables the storage of large volumes of information in virtual storage spaces which has made accessing files a lot simpler. 

Customer service 

After sales services is always a key determinant of businesses and is often overlooked by startups. Catering to the needs of the customer after providing a product or a service lets them know that you take responsibility for what you offer and they will develop a sense of trust and loyalty towards you. By setting up an online help desk, you can answer any questions they might have about product usage and guide them until they are fully satisfied. Also, the help desk is a great place to gather complaints from customers which must be looked at as constructive criticism which will help you make your business better.